Restoration Waterford House

Client Name Marita Marouf

Restoring old buildings can be a challenge. You have to balance the integrity and the building style of the old house with it’s modernization. You should check the history of the site and this can put a new emphasis on the re-design. Your builder is important here as he should understand the construction of the original and have expertise in the use of old materials.

If you want a modern house we don’t advise buying an old one and trying to
up-grade it.

I bought the old farmhouse at auction. It had no electricity, running water or toilet. I was so lucky to get Draftech as they advised me on the history and original features of the house, which included old machinery (subsequently restored). I also got landscaping carried out and not one tree was removed. Only the outside remains to be painted. Brilliant!

Marita Marouf, South East