Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a project cost?

A typical question is how much will a project cost and this is entirely dependent on the level of design or the amount of the service that you require.

This will vary because an initial survey has to be carried out and some drawings/sketches prepared and the project may require planning* permission.

For example. Some projects require planning permission and others do not. A good example would be roof windows where rooflights to the rear are exempt but dormer windows are not.

Either of the two to the front of the house require permission.

When extending out back, any existing extension has to be counted when calculating total exempted floor area.

* Planning permission requires detailed drawings, location maps, site layout etc., to be submitted to the local authority. In addition, public notices have to be placed in a newspaper and on site. If you have mixed use on a premises e.g. an apartment over a shop, you need a fire safety certificate.

One method of pricing is to charge a percentage of the build cost but it can be difficult to calculate the final cost if for example, changes are being made on an on-going basis. Expect a quotation of 10% of build cost as typical but open to discussion. The fixed fee method is based on the design being accepted in principle after preliminary sketches, meetings etc., and with no substantial changes anticipated. In this case it is usual to quote a fee that will not likely be exceeded.

When a decision is made to proceed, a deposit is required in order to cover start up costs and this is usually 1000euro. It is refundable if you cancel within 7 days except for maps if already purchased.

Please give us a call for any information on our services or costs.

What about Insurance?

We are fully insured for the work we carry out.